Eleanor Louise Butt, Ellen Dahl, Lydia Dowman, David Manley, Scott Morrison, Naomi Riddle, Talia Smith

June 24th - July 5th at Wellington Street Projects, Sydney

“The landscape functions as a mirror and a lens: in it we see the space we occupy and ourselves as we occupy it.” 
Joachim Koester

The View brings together seven emerging artists whose practices examine the often-tenuous relationship between man and the land we inhabit. Belonging, comfort, home, a resource – the landscape and our relationship to it can be interpreted in many ways, with the passing of time it has come to bear these physical and psychological marks. The marks of what has come before and what will come after. 

From explorations of the unexplored neighbourhood to modern day ruins to the tension within the landscape, this exhibition aims to present seven different ‘views’ of the landscape that each of these artists experience. 

All photos credited to Document Photography